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Deep Six Full Installer

Recommended System Requirements:
- Windows XP or Later
- 1.2GHz Processor
- 256MB RAM
- 64MB Video Card
- 50MB Hard Drive Space
- DirectX 9 with supported sound card
- Network Interface Card (for LAN multiplay)

Download Deep Six

Deep Six Patched EXE

This patched EXE is included in the full installer above, but if you downloaded the game before October 15, 2003, you should get this patch instead, so you don't have to download a huge file again.

Download the Patch EXE

Deep Six Full Sail Presentation

This is the video of our presentation that took place at the end of our Gaming Project course. All our hard work was basically leading up to this presentation. It requires the XviD video codec, which is linked below if you need to install it.

Download Deep Six Full Sail Presentation

Download the XviD video codec